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On this site, you’ll find my published personal finance articles and related spreadsheets, including one I developed while providing quantitative consulting on the 1996 first edition of the bestseller, Get a Financial Life (2017 fourth edition). Note that I’m not a financial advisor.

I work as a Financial Analyst at Interet Corporation and have developed mathematical optimization models for complex domestic and cross-border tax-advantaged financings (US Leveraged Leases, Japanese Leveraged Leases, Ownership and Commission Foreign Sales Corporations, Special Allocation Partnerships and Lease-In Lease-Out structures). See The Economics of Leveraged Leasing (50 pages, 1.8 MB PDF file).

My background includes degrees in Operations Research, Education and Political Science from UC Berkeley and MIT. I also taught high school math for a few years and Five Math Courses To Increase Career Options might convince some to minor in mathematics.

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