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The articles referenced below were published by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, but I’m not a financial advisor.

401kexp.ods – developed for Looking at Expenses of 401K Plans. The 2004 version can use different tax rates for dividends and find the breakeven 401k expense rate assuming a rollover IRA after a specified number of years.

buy-rent.ods – after I wrote Should You Buy or Rent Your Home?, Beth Kobliner asked me to develop a Buy vs. Rent model for her bestseller, Get a Financial Life. It’s easy to enter the parameters affecting the analysis, including changing tax rates. Unlike most calculators, you can view the annual cash flows and underlying formulas.

annuity.ods – developed for Index Funds and Variable Annuities.

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e1cb68aa6dbecc13c402aeb26f8c2ed51d4b0859bc96d0c45a9e2a07762ef69e buy-rent.ods
752e145a83d96889d753f8555376242e0ac768609122be0da00086faf3668f18 annuity.ods